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Brand music extensions

December 12, 2003

Places to legally download music seem to be popping up everywhere these days. From Apple’s I-Tunes and Real Networks Rhapsody, to the resurgence of Napster and now the beverage giant Coca-Cola is getting into the act. Coca-Cola is planning to launch in the UK January of next year.

Article entitled, ‘Coca-Cola steps into music download ring’
Article entitled, ‘Coca-Cola to launch internet music download service in UK’

For brand owners like Coca-Cola, Pottery Barn and Banana Republic, branded online music stores could generate additional revenue and simultaneously reflect credibility back onto the core brand. Thematic brand CDs for store brands like Pottery Barn have been quite successful and there’s no reason why the success couldn’t extend into an online music store.

What’s interesting about these potential brand extensions is that they come with a point of view, that being the editorial perspective of the established brand. If you are neutral about a clothing brand, for instance, and you hear buzz about bands you can download from their site and you then interact with and like the brand’s musical taste, that’s an intimate connection. It’s a social, shared-experience, brand to person connection, a level that’s missing from most traditional promotions.

With the collapse of the music industry monopoly, consumers are exhibiting a stronger and stronger desire for experimentation and discovery. Young people especially want to have a favorite band that no one else knows about. This presents an opportunity for a music site, or a brand music site, to earn credibility, reputation and market-share based solely on its style and taste.

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