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A thriving record store chain

November 28, 2005

The LA Times has a great piece (registration required) on the resilience of West-Coast record chain, Amoeba that continues to thrive despite the trends that seem stacked against it. The chain founded in the Bay Area in 1990, expanded into LA in 2001 and now has plans for its own record label and online retail store.

The article suggests two reasons for Amoeba’s success; the unique atmosphere of the stores that shun traditional industry promotions and the service.

“Its test for applicants for a buyer’s position is so tough that, according to company legend, only one person, a buyer at the Haight store, has ever notched a perfect grade.”

Amoeba is living proof that bricks and mortar retail doesn’t have to always succumb to the pressures and supposed convenience of online. Consumers still want and need personal expertise and real experiences.

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