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Superbowl results

February 8, 2005

A rare event happens every Monday after the Superbowl, television becomes the main topic of conversation. People share the experience of the Superbowl; talk about the game, the plays and their favorite advertising. We use these conversations to compare and contrast our opinions with those of others, but what about comparing our thoughts with those of a larger sample?

Early results from Nielsen suggest that although ratings were down 4% on last year, a staggering 86 million people still watched the event.

If audience data is what your after, Tivo has it in spades, including a second by second viewing chart. This data is culled from a random 10,000 sample of users. Although the sample is hardly representative of the US population, given Tivo’s tiny penetration, it is really interesting nevertheless.

Here are some of Tivo’s findings:

1. The top commercials were; Emerald Nuts, ABs Designated Driver and

2. Highlight of the half-time show was Hey Jude

3. The top game moment was Ted Bruschi’s interception in 4th Quarter

It looks like this is the tip of the iceberg of the data that Tivo has. Influx is not sure what it takes to get more, but perhaps being a Tivo advertiser, rather than a Superbowl advertiser, would help.

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