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Coworking as lifestyle

March 11, 2007

Coworking appears to be the latest workspace trend, as young workers seek and alternative from working at home or in office cubicles.

Coworking facilties provide good? coffee and a college rec room atmosphere for around $200/week.

The Hive is a new coworking space that’s currently being developed in Denver.

The FAQ section of The Hive’s “wiki” celebrates the coworking lifestyle- in its answer to one question What could my day look like?

“Start by riding your bike to work on the Platte River Trail. Lock it up on our complementary racks and walk half a block to Paris On The Platte for freshly roasted coffee. Say a silent prayer that you don’t have to try to work out of here any more. Head back to The Hive’s cafe lounge, fire up your laptop, check your email, and compare your weekend antics with other Hive Tenants. Confirm your 11 o’clock by cell phone — find out that you need to show some live HTML of your concept during the meeting. Ping a few of the Hive’s code monkeys with an emergency request to crank out some shiny demo screens – and get an instant response from Joe, who you designed a logo for just last week. Email your art files to Joe and amble across the street for a late breakfast at Monas. Back to The Hive to review Joe’s demo – not bad for an hours work. Your client arrives at 11. Loves the office, “A huge improvement over meeting at Starbucks”. Score. Usher her into the conference room – dazzle her with your concept and Joe’s sweet demo screens. Walk her up the back stairs for a killer lunch at Sushi Sasa. Close the deal. Celebrate by snagging a rental boat from Confluence Kayaks and going for an energizing afternoon paddle on the kayak course across the street. Take a quick shower back at The Hive, and then back to your desk to grind out your final proposal of the day. Satisfied, walk upstairs to Wilderness Exchange to pick up a few things for your weekend climbing trip, and then bop across the street to buy some organic grinds at the Vitamin Cottage. Clear your head with a 2 minute walk across the new Highland Bridge on the way to meet your friends at Lolas in time for happy hour. Back to The Hive after a quick detour to pick up a dinner upstairs at Protos Pizza. Crack open a Red Bull. Sure its late – but it is your business, your office and in here the energy flows late into the night.”

In Vancover, Canada, there’s another coworking location Workspace. Here’s an interview with Brian, a software developer and Workspace user, who explains why we likes the location.

Coworking is probably here to stay and probably reflects the “Googleization” of the workspace; freelance workers are looking to socialize, network and work all at the same time. It’s an important trend for corporations to recognize, as potential employees, will now be factoring into their job cosideration, the apperance and feel of the employer’s workspace.

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