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Grab one of influx’s free thought packs

March 26, 2007

In the past three years, Influx has written over 1,000 posts on various brand related topics. The site doesn’t yet have the best search engine and even if we did, it would be tough to organize the articles into a structured readable format, so we’ve gone out and done the heavy lifting for you.

Thought Packs are basically a collection of our best articles around a specific topic that have been designed and built into a downloadable PDF.

To date, we’ve published four of them that are available for free, simply by registering for them. On the left of the web page, you will see a button marked FREE, click on that and fill out your details.

The 5 published Thought Packs are as follows;

Volume 1: Design

Volume 2: Innovation and Creativity

Volume 3: 30 Ideas for C21st Branding

Volume 4: Social Responsibility

Volume 5: Influx Interviews

Thought Packs are an ongoing project for Influx, we are open to suggestions and can are able to create custom versions, if you are interested.

If you have a suggestion for a new Thought Pack, please add a comment.

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