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If you’re a brand, you’re a media company

July 8, 2009

Creative Review has a nice piece on Manchester City’s new website designed by Poke.

The whole experience is centered around the idea that the soccer club is in the media and entertainment business. Poke’s created a really dynamic, content rich experience that fits nicely with the club’s ambitions. It’s pretty easy for a soccer club to imagine the type of content it can create, given the weekly fixtures and the fans thirst for knowledge about players, coaching and management.

The site does a great job at taking what others would consider and art direct as fairly static information and turn into something exciting. 

The nature of the real-time web and a broadband web that can stand the weight of high quality video assets, creates an environment that brands can readily exploit.

All brands need to do is to work out the stories worth telling.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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