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Some lessons for brands from influx curated

June 16, 2009

The conversation at Influx Curated last week was mainly about the power we have as human beings to act together for the benefit of the greater good, to be more in-touch with our own personal potential and to do things with a genuine passion for what’s possible.

This seem to be located at the opposite pole from the way in which most brands behave.

The danger here is that brands could easily find themselves disengaged from consumers, who are moving forward at a faster pace than brands can keep up with.

Here are 5 things brands can do to close the gap.

1. Discover your big human idea

What is that you believe in above and beyond your product and service?

2. Live up to your idea and action it

How to you prove your passion and your interest? How do you show it?

3. Converse

Be part of the conversation and act like a human being. Do it regularly.

4. Create A Community of Interest

Think about what you could do for your base. What value can you add and how can you help them do something better? How can they work through you to do something amazing?

5. What Change Can You Impact?

The world faces massive challenges over the next 20 years, what’s your brand doing to find solutions?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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