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The massive scale of so called “non-traditional” media

August 2, 2010

There was a time when independent movies and music occupied a niche, it
was the world that wasn’t part of the mainstream and it was where you
went to look to find the cool stuff. Sometime around the mid-90s all
that changed and independent became mass.

The same thing is happening in the world of non-traditional media
channels, the stuff that folks used to consider the peasantry to the
royalty that was television, has grown to become big media in it’s own

What I find especially interesting is that given how fast these channels
have grown, they are still regarded by many in the marketing world as
niche. The longer they think that way, the more opportunity there will
be for the smart ones to leap ahead.

Just consider some of these numbers for a second…

Facebook now has 500 million members..

There are over 3 billion mobile
phones in the world- and anyone who doesn’t believe Google won’t play a
part in this new world had better think again, Android shipments for Q1
2010 grew by a staggering 851% in the US.

Twitter has just recorded its 20 billionth Tweet, that’s 2 months after it reached 15 billion and five months after it reached 10 billion.

These numbers are huge and should send shivers down the spines of anyone
who is trying to capture the attention of consumers by conventional
means and it’s now starting to show.

Data from the latest Nielsen survey shows that time spent on social media increased by over 40% in the past year.

It’s time to stop considering social and mobile as niche additions to media
plans if budgets allow and to move them up to the front and center of
your thinking.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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