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Towards a digital day part

September 9, 2011

TBG Digital published some interesting research this week about ad performance on Facebook analyzed by time.

They discovered some obvious facts that could be ignored by most planners.

– Men are 42% more likely than women to transact during the evening hours

– Women 50+ are most likely to buy during the morning

While this data is far from earth shattering, it reminds us of the need to really think about the opportunities we have to save our clients money and to be more efficient by using insight.

If we understand our target audience- which requires a) Having a focused target B) Knowing who they are through smart research and intuition. If we do a) and b) in a structured and disciplined way, we can plan better.

It’s clear online is no longer about optimizing placement and finding rich/creative ways of telling stories- behaviors around day part are going to become critical if we want to maximize performance.

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