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The French Say “No” to Bread and “Yes” to Cola Wine

August 10, 2013

France is known as a country with strong food traditions, especially when it comes to bread and wine, but it looks like this is changing.

France’s vintners are having a very challenging time convincing the Millennial generation to consume their wares, so they are resorting to drastic measures. In 1980, 80% of the French population used to consume wine daily, but it’s now down to 17%.

To compete against beer and spirits, flavored wines are being introduced and have become increasingly popular, including a cola-flavored wine, which is 75% wine and 25% cola flavorings and selling for around $5/bottle. Flavored wine sales in France reached 15 million bottles in 2012 and forecast to double this year.

Bread is another French tradition that’s under attack, like wine, it used to be purchased fresh daily from local bakers; in 1970 the average was a baguette a day, it’s now half of that because people are more concerned about their diets and have less time to indulge in the ritual.

To combat declining sales, the French bakery association are doing their version of the “Got Milk” campaign, with an OOH and in-bakery campaign that asks people if they “Have their bread” (see image below).

It’s strange to imagine that a country with such a strong culinary traditions might be changing and it’s clear it is, with fast food sales also growing rapidly, but it’s further evidence that there’s now a “global taste” emerging, something that’s increasingly being driven by American companies, who with a slowing domestic marketplace look to grow their business overseas.


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