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Infinite new playing fields

March 3, 2003

Visit the site of Landau, Luckman and Lake, attorneys at law. Or check out what’s happening at the New River University.

Both seem legitimate enough, but are in fact completely fake entities with fake sites that serve as puzzle pieces in an online scavenger hunt called L3. In this particular game, participants search for clues creatively hidden all over cyberspace. Some are encoded in jpeg images using the encryption techniques reportedly used by Al Queda, others are hidden in source code for their mock web sites or in the Yahoo! Profile for made-up lawyers, landau_luckman_lake. Players find clues, put together the pieces and email their solutions to a fictitious lawyer named Stephen Lake who then responds if the solution is correct.

Throughout human history, whenever there is a space available, people find ways to play in that space. Certain games emerge as favorites and become part of the cultural fabric. With the internet, anyone can relatively cheaply invent a game, create a playing field, recruit teams and set the game in motion. Without a doubt, a few internet games will evolve, win favor and become part of mainstream culture in the near future.
An overview of the L3 game
A forum of L3 players

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