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The next generation of branded content

May 6, 2003

The Phantom game console (due for release in 2004) is the first in the next generation of “always-on broadband devices” which will give gamers and brand managers a wealth of new options. Besides the fact that these consoles will provide wireless connectivity and massive multiplayer capability, they will introduce the ‘pay-per-view’ principle to interactive media, allowing gamers to ‘buy time’ on games or to log onto brand sites to play them. This technology will create a new content provider landscape, with new advertising and branded content possibilities like real-time ad spots in streamed games. Brands that have dabbled in online branded content games will suddenly be able to stream high quality, graphics-intensive games (or videos) without the customary web-based limitations. article

MIT students have built sensors that go on the back of a urinal to detect the position of a stream of urine, enabling people to play interactive videogames on a screen mounted above the urinal.
Watch the video at:
the MIT ‘urine control’ site

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