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Brand avatars

December 5, 2003

There was a time when experts believed bank branches would be completely replaced by ATMs. It never happened because the consumer demanded human contact. That all might change with the advent of avatar based ATMs.

The ATMs and Kiosks of 2003 will rapidly become relics as avatar-based kiosks develop, year by year, into entertaining, interactive personalities that represent their brands and offer personal service that emulates human contact. Speech recognition instead of touch-pads; real-time personalization instead of default menu-structures. Though Americans are warier of high-tech vending machines and employee-replacement technologies than are consumers in Europe and Asia, it’s just a matter of time before branded avatars open a new landscape of opportunity and responsibility for brand managers.

Article entitled, ‘Virtual Spokesthing Part One’
Article entitled, ‘Virtual Spokesthing Part Two’
Article entitled, ‘A Human Face for ATM Customer Service’

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