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Selling blogs

March 17, 2003

It was just a matter of time. Nokia, Travelocity and Dr Pepper/7-Up Inc. are all trying it. They’re moving into the domain of personal weblogs to generate buzz about their products.

What makes this domain attractive to these companies is that people approach weblogs with a lowered guard, treating the content more like it’s a friend’s email than an article or advertisement. The irony is that by inserting brand communications into the first-person entry content of a weblog, the very quality of frankness is destroyed and the reader’s guard will go up.

Who knows, though? TV and radio ads still depict obvious actors giving product testimonials in first-person.

And here in Sausalito, we Influx trend consultants love to sit back during breaks and sip our Raging Cow flavored milk drinks. All the healthy goodness of milk, with a kick!

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