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Inspiring gems

December 23, 2004

Videogames for designers – Play the NYC shopping game – imagine a game like this built out (with real brands and product realism) as a consumer-research interface of the future.

With Shox Neo, Nike jumps into the east coast hip-hop timberland trend with a crossover – mixing boot with nike shox, retro blaxploitation with modern star athletes, movie release-style publicity with shoe launch.
click on the boot to see the trailer by PSYOP

spectacular time-lapse taken at the south-pole (51MB mpeg – right-click)

Bringing a target, mood, occasion or place to life in a compelling, affordable format – digital-still photography over time. This series captures the nuanced interactions and sensations of subway travel.

A glimpse at what the ubiquity of weblogs and camera phones will do for market research.

:: Retch for the sky :: Virgin Atlantic commissions designers to design the world’s most beautiful sickbag –

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