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Photography- from art, to life diary, to research tool

October 27, 2004

Ubiquity and low cost are powerful transforming agents for any technology. It has now happened to cameras and photography. Everyone has a digital camera and the cost of producing a photograph is next to zero.

People are now free to take photographs of everything; photography is no longer reserved for special occasions or those one-off trips we take to National Parks where we try to do our best Ansel Adams impressions.

Everything we do in life can be recorded, documented, shared and archived; you can see this with iPhoto and internet based photo sharing sites.

We have found a way of tapping this flux of photography for market research purposes and believe it to be an interesting tool to play with. In our qualitative projects, we can now provide respondents with a centralized location to record and share their experiences through photography. These photos can be posted in real time and questions and discussions built around them, again, in real-time.

While ethnography is great at helping us to understand how consumers really interact, it demands a a lot from both respondents and researchers. Using a customized version of a photoblog is easier, cheaper and places less pressure on the respondent. We believe it can lead to better, more insightful research. It’s research that gets us closer to the real world of the consumer.

For more information on Influx Strategic Consulting’s Photoblog research tool and program, please contact

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