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Music trend: the bratz CD

December 15, 2004

As the music industry begins to recover after 3 years of sales declines, creative distribution and marketing are becoming the approach to growing the business. The success of iPod and iTunes are convincing big companies that the Internet and digital technology will define the industry’s future. But as industry continues to lose physical distribution control and retail space narrows, they are congruently looking for ways to grow revenue from physical CD sales. Particularly against a younger demographic, which represents the smallest share.

an analysis of the current state of the music industry

digital music opportunities

Universal Music and Bratz fashion dolls are a recent example of a unique collaboration.
Set for release in 2005, Universal and MGA Entertainment are working on a Bratz album with some of the top producers and songwriters in the music industry. Further details about the Bratz music project will be announced at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in February 2005.

The world of Bratz

Earlier this year, THQ signed an agreement with MGA Entertainment allowing THQ to create video games for all consoles and devices (including wireless platforms) based on MGA’s Bratz brand. THQ expects to release its first Bratz game in fall, 2005.

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