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Hotels imitate jet blue

October 11, 2004

In a very logical move, hotel owners are looking to imitate Jet Blue’s approach; providing value with added features. Hotel Indigo is an example from Intercontinental that has recently opened in Atlanta. The idea is to court the type of consumer who is willing to pay $1.50 for a coffee from Starbucks, rather than accept the 50 cent version.

the design story behind hotel indigo

The development is basically a signal of the maturation of the boutique hotel concept. A trend that is over ten years old is now finding its way into the mainstream after the likes of Ian Schrager and Starwood’s W, brought the idea to the elite and business crowds respectively.

With companies like Choice Hotels about to jump on the bandwagon and convert 500 properties to a new format, this will have a ripple effect with other brands in the budget hotel category scrambling to develop new concepts and room ideas. Look for developments from Holiday Inn, Ramada and Radisson, strong brands who now have an opportunity to re-invigorate themselves with new design driven concepts.

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