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Improving hummer’s image

November 15, 2004

Hummer is an iconic brand. It’s a brand that’s achieved a lot of success in a very short period of time, but one that now faces some considerable challenges. Because of its meteoric success, it has now become a favorable target for both the media and pressure groups to attack. For them, Hummer has become the ultimate symbol of greed and arrogance.

hummer ownership issues in oregon

Hummer understand this, and it’s now taking steps to adjust the negative elements of the brand’s image. A deal announced last week with the Red Cross, is a positive step forward, aligning the brand with a formidable global organization by employing a tactic that follows in the footsteps of Land Rover; a brand with a long history of supporting aid and relief agencies around the world.

Obviously, Hummer will sell the Red Cross vehicles, but the smart part of the deal is how Hummer owners have the opportunity to help the Red Cross. Members of the official Hummer Club can have their names added to a database and be called upon to provide emergency support, if disaster strikes in their area.

Linking up with the Red Cross is a great move for Hummer. However, giving its drivers the chance to feel better about owning their vehicle, by allowing them to become potential “heroes”, is inspired.

the red cross agreement with the hummer club

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