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Making experiences real

September 23, 2004

Samsung is the latest company to jump aboard the experience store bandwagon. They’ve just opened their 10,000 sq ft emporium at Columbus Circle in New York. However, unlike other retail/experience centers, Samsung’s offering is pure experience. It features contributions from their research and development partners like MIT, but the most interesting attribute, is consumers can test drive DVD cameras, take them out of the store, make a film and then edit it in-store.

Other companies involved in the experience game, like Apple, could take a leaf out of Samsung’s book and allow consumers to experience technology on their own terms. This could simply mean allowing consumers to bring their cameras, home movies and music to the store and letting them play in a personal workshop like space.

If brands give up a little control and combine a measured brand experience with a truly personal one, it allows the consumer to experience the brand in their own unique way and have something tangible to show for it. It’s also cheap, the last time we checked, the wholesale price of a blank DVD is around 30 cents.,1558,1650741,00.asp

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