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Repositioning campbell’s by redefining the occasion

August 6, 2004

Campbell’s soup, after years of shrinking market share, is repositioning their brand to be about ‘ready-to-eat meals for people on the run.’ The new Campbell’s products will be sold in new channels as well, like 7-Eleven and Subway stores among others.

The Campbell’s brand still carries strong, positive associations to consumers of all ages, but those associations and meanings are getting less relevant as more and more prepared and semi-prepared meal brands as well as entirely new ‘on the go’ meal subcategories steal mindshare.

Initially, there seems to be a disconnect between a homey, warm, relaxed, stove-top chicken soup for the soul brand and a fast, on the go, out of home brand. But, as with any good repositioning, Campbell’s is reusing and reframing existing meanings and associations in their new positioning. The brand is now about a meal that conveniently brings the comfort and warmth of home during stressful parts of a busy day. Same meanings, different occasion: a credible repositioning.
Article entitled, ‘Campbell’s remaking itself on the run’

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