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The future of fast food

December 14, 2004

There’s a global movement searching to provide consumers with a convenient alternative to the traditional sandwich, burger or taco.

We thought we would highlight a couple of interesting new examples.

Tiffinbites in London provides an Indian based distinct alternative to the predictable.

tiffinbites web

The entrepreneurs behind the venture have clearly thought their way into this business, trying to beat down every potential barrier. Reducing the traditional smell by making food with a low oil count. Capturing lunch and dinner business by locating close to busy subway and rail stations. The brand even has it’s own story, taking inspiration from the traditional Bombay lunchbox called the “Tiffin”.

Another smart move is the marketing and research efforts that involve building loyalty through “supper club” invites. Here loyal lunch customers get the chance to attend evening events where they can sample and rate new menu items.

Another new upscale fast food idea coming out of Europe is Spain’s Fast Good. The concept is basically a version of the classic American burger and sandwich chain menu with a twist, luxury ingredients.

This is how Fast Good describe the ingredients,

“we can eat hamburgers made using beef as usual, but garnished with trocadero lettuce, tapenade sauce, or with rucula and gorgonzola, for example; the panini combine ham, asparagus or cheese with sage, pine nuts, crystallized spring onions or even foie; as for salads, we find combinations as exclusive as green beans with fingers of pate de canard, leek with crystallized chicken and spices, or wild rice with couscous, rounded off with a wide selection of lettuces and fruit, always dressed with home-made sauces. Some meals come with non-frozen French fries made at once using olive oil.”

Surprisingly, there is a budget element to this concept; the goal is for a meal to cost no more than $15 per head.

It’s highly debatable whether either of these ideas could ever work in the US market. However, each concept has some smart marketing behind it that twists the familiar just enough to make it interesting.

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