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Samsung makes a play for fashion

November 2, 2004

Nokia and Motorola have long understood the important role that fashion can play in the marketing of handsets. They have used fashion imagery, sponsored fashion shows, sought distribution in fashionable outlets and created limited-edition lines.

Now Samsung is taking the idea one-step further by creating a partnership with Conde-Nast’s Vogue Magazine. This promotion will involve advertising, content and the most intriguing, a designer phone. Well-known designer, Diane von Furstenberg created a limited-edition phone for Samsung that features specially created content and accessories.

Influx has already discussed the important role that brand outsiders can play in the development of wireless services with MVNOs, now it looks like they could have a role with handsets as well.

This move could signal a trend for other handset manufacturers to look for designers to add fashion cool and credibility to their technological prowess.

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