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Get your ad in the news

November 29, 2004

With news divisions of the major networks battling for resources and the smaller local networks in an even tougher position, it’s simply getting harder to make news. However, technology and corporations are there to fill the vacuum. VNRs (video news reels), pre-packaged news stories created by companies and their PR agencies, have long been the mainstay of the public relations industry, but there use is becoming more widespread.

Take a look at and you will see thousands of VNRs available for accredited producers and journalists to use. They even show a breakdown of assets by beat. As of today, the site claims 1,958 video assets for business and industry, 539 for healthcare and 227 for charity and non-profit.

newsmarket stories by category

There’s been much discussion about the future of advertising being in the world of product placement, but the PR industry is already there in one of the most trusted editorial environments, news.

Interestingly, news itself is in trouble from a variety of forces including the internet and the trend for “citizen journalists” or bloggers to create their own news.

wikipedia’s new move into news

However, the biggest problem news faces is a decline in trust. Brands are using this route to get in the news, because they believe news is trusted, however, if this very act succeeds only in eroding trust, then this clearly is a flawed tactic.

The number of Americans who think news organizations are highly professional declined from 72 to 49 percent.

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