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Inspiring gems

January 31, 2005


Colors magazine explores borders and frontiers through photography and interviews.

be your own pollock

A smart flash program that allows you to create art in the style of Jackson Pollock

donate your computer to climate predication

The new SETI. Thousands of computers worldwide donate memory to help predict climate change

mavens visualized

A visual of the people who answer people who don’t answer people- in other words, gladwell’s mavens

hard to find musical jems

Pitchforkmedia’s staff review the
rare musical gems they discovered in 2004.This isn’t about The Shins or Bjork’s new album, instead they select, rare Brazilian folk, Turkish rock, punk and post-Punk, amongst others

construction workers as ants

Brilliant post-production from The Mill, for Nextel’s new spots (real player required)

mcsweeney’s picks

Eggers’s team pick what they like,including; Rachel Ray, Green Day, the marimba, the local library and a bridge in Redding, California

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