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Inspiring gems- thoughtless acts-design in the real world

March 14, 2005

Jane Fulton Suri leads human factors and research at IDEO. Her latest book, “Thoughtless Acts” allows us to take a peek into her work process.

The bulk of the book is made up of photographs that brilliantly illustrate design problems/opportunities. The shots are of people using things or improvising; the uncomfortable kid sitting in the shopping cart, a person writing on someone’s back because they have nothing else or someone placing something in their teeth because their hands are full.

This book and the photographs illustrate the importance of “real life” research, which if used correctly and seen through the right eyes, provides fantastic insights into how products are really being used and consumed.

It’s easy to imagine the power of these photographs in briefing sessions with designers, where they provide a great “jumping off point” by providing the inspiration to make things better.

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