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The sweatsuit revelation

March 14, 2005

Joining the burgeoning army of artists and provocateurs on the anti-consumption trail, are a couple of Canadian twentysomethings, who are attempting to promote Marxist fashion sensibility to the public.

The duo believes that everyone’s fashion or uniform should be the great sweatsuit. They call their movement, “the Grey Sweatsuit Revolution.”

This effort is designed to get people to think more about the implications of fashion consumption and production. They call the fashion business “the parasite of authenticity”.

However, the movement is very much in its infancy, as of November 2004, only 30 people had joined the revolution.

Another recent example of anti-consumerist art is “CutUp.” Here, artists have taken standard out-of-home billboard advertising and transformed it. They cut up the original image and re-organize it to provide new meaning and context.

Gallery blurb about the show.

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