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Beer brand creates ironic pop-up store

March 8, 2005

The pop-up store craze has now got out of control, now Peroni, the Italian beer brand is planning one for it’s UK re-launch. The store will be located in London’s fashionable Knightsbridge district at 202 Sloane Street. However, the concept seems to lack a little depth. It will be open for four weeks, for two weeks it will tease the opening with “opening soon” signs and for the final two weeks the store will just showcase a beer bottle on a pedestal.

It appears agency creatives have decided to have a joke at the media and public’s expense, hoping for a ridiculous headline in the tabloids or local TV news. It’s either genius or a missed opportunity? Influx believe it’s the later.

The brand idea behind the store seems more like a tone of ironic, playfulness, a generic kind of quality that represents most beers. With UK beer brands losing share to wine and spirits, one would think the store would have been a good chance to bring Peroni to life, in a sophisticated or clever way that reflects the brand’s origins.

Then again, it might just have been an after thought, the campaign also includes; cinema, TV and merchandise.

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