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Building a massive brand virally

July 6, 2005

Malthe Sigurdsson of Skype shares his thoughts on
building the Skype brand. (it’s the PDF file) Skype is an incredible story of how a tiny company took on some of the giants of telecommunications and technology world and built a brand.

Some facts highlighted in his presentation:

– The company is tiny – 160 people in 15 countries
– An idea – a phone without the phone bill
– 45 million registered users
– 10 billion minutes served
– Got there without paying for a single user

Skype dominates the US VOIP space, according to an analysis from Sandvine, which tracks 1,100 VOIP service providers, Skype accounts for 42.6 percent of VOIP minutes in North America and 40 percent of bandwidth.

Skype shows that on-line, the marketing world has been turned around. Give a product away to the network and if the idea is a good one, the network will adopt and embrace it. They will stay loyal as long as you innovate.

This is a radical shift from the old push down model, which uses marketing to get people to believe that the product is great.

Thanks to Brand Infection who originally posted Malthe’s presentation from Reboot.

For more information on Skype, try the Skype journal an independent blog.

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