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Mtv’s adverprogramming- one step beyond branded content

April 18, 2005

In the high stakes game for next generation console supremacy, the early running is a PR battle up until E3, when both Sony and Microsoft will unveil their new machines. Clearly both corporate giants have aspirations for these consoles, way behind gaming.

Microsoft has struck early in its bid to make it’s broad-scale aspirations clear. In a really smart move, Microsoft fired a first shot across the bow by moving beyond the old fashioned route of using E3 as the microphone to get news out. The company recognized that only gamers tune in to E3 news and if its aspirations lie beyond the core, they need to be in the environments where young adults are.

It’s not unusual for console manufacturers and console makers to take this route, but Microsoft have gone further by working with MTV to create their own programming especially for the launch. By developing an entertaining 30-minute show that places the new console in the middle of the entertainment spectrum, sandwiched between movies and music, Microsoft is going ensure that the show attracts a wider audience than the hard-core gamers of E3.

Of course, in the end, it all depends on the console’s performance, but this innovative move from MTV and Microsoft will get attention. For MTV and its clients, it might herald the dawn of a new form of television advertising, adverprogramming.

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