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The 21st century media company

January 21, 2005

Photo sharing and social networking site, Flickr is fast proving to be one of the hottest properties on the internet.Its simple, easy to use and has introduced smart innovations like tagging to take it beyond the traditional photo-sharing model. The Flickr community has been playing with annotations, developing maps of photos and all kinds of imaginative things that can only be created when there’s a large network involved. Flickr’s success is explained because it takes photo sharing to a different level, it uses photos as a conduit to social networking.

One example of an interesting idea created by a Flickr user is “Parking Lot Indicator”. It’s based on the old urban myth, that in the heady days of the .com boom you could identify the right companies to invest in by driving around Silicon Valley at weekends and seeing how full the lots were. On Flickr, this idea can have a momentum of its own, as the network effect kicks in.

Flickr might just be an example of a media company of the future. One that showcases compelling content, created by a large user community and delivered by a brand that proves itself not through advertising, but by creating smart ideas that go beyond the current offerings.

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