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Are you ready for the video revolution?

November 2, 2005

One million videos downloaded in 20 days is a staggering figure, probably enough to start a revolution that could change video content forever. Apple’s move is going to kick start a trend that has been bubbling for years. The content free-for-all is about to begin and everyone needs to be prepared.

What does it mean?

All paid content should be for sale and available to be downloaded
Free content should be available
Advertisers should make their advertising available for download

This doesn’t mean just getting your content on iTunes, but everywhere you can, not just on your website.

Broadcasters, producers, advertisers and their agencies need to get ready for the next wave of content distribution.

New programming formats
New sponsorship packages
New ways to advertise
New ways to get consumer interaction

The list goes on, the only thing that’s certain is that the distribution mechanism for content has been blown apart. Just like they did for music, Apple has just started another revolution.

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