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Grey goose’s good tastin branded entertainment

November 21, 2005

Iconoclasts, Grey Goose vodka’s venture into branded entertainment, debuted last week on the Sundance Channel. The concept of the show is to get two iconoclastic celebrities and let them hang out with each other, so the audience can see what makes them tick and the human side of their personalities. The first show featured NBA legend Bill Russell with actor, Samuel Jackson.

It turned out to be a well-produced and informative show. The viewer got to see the human side of these personalities and learn more about their histories. Who knew that Samuel Jackson was a student activist and got kicked out of college for kidnapping a school official?

Grey Goose’s presence is handled intelligently; the brand is mentioned upfront and in on screen titles, but nowhere else. The producers smartly resisted the opportunity to place the product in the show.

The idea is clever for a number of reasons. Here are 5.

1. The company doesn’t just slap its name on someone else’s show- it creates its own
2. The subject matter is interesting and relevant. GG’s audience of young aspiring creative types want to see their heroes meet each other and engage in intelligent conversation
3. GG gets to associate itself with celebrities, without doing the typical endorsement deal
4. By telling stories about Iconoclasts, GG positions itself as one
5. They create their own content that can be re-purposed in a number of ways, a launch party, website, podcasts, DVD set etc?

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