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The great content migration

November 16, 2005

Content is breaking free of its tethers with increasing abandon. You will soon be able to purchase a chapter or a passage of book, view your favorite TV show, long after the network has cancelled it and you can already create your own custom versions of software applications.

Content is breaking free of its shackles and is being distributed to the edges.

These changes are transforming the way think of media, as tidy little boxes that sold airtime and airspace in neat little formats. Welcome to a new “Wild West”, where formats, delivery and opportunity are now only limited by the creativity and imagination of the content distribution channel and the advertiser.

Many agencies may be wondering how to cope and adjust, but you could easily take the opposite point-of-view, that there’s never have been a more exciting time to be in the ad business. It’s a great opportunity for the brave and imaginative, that can think beyond the 30-second spot and collaborate to create new forms of content and distribution.

The world is waiting, because both the incumbent media giants and the new players, need the same thing, ideas.

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