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Influx interview-jody turner- color and trend forecaster

May 17, 2005

Jody Turner is CEO of Culture of Future, a trend and design culture consultancy in Los Angeles. She works with strategic trend partners Kathy Baylor in NYC, Reinier Evers in Amsterdam and Style Vision in France.

What direction are colors moving and why?

We are currently in a co-creation culture meaning the lifestyle need of the consumer strongly influences design outcomes. Bright colors are cutting through over-whelmed and over-scheduled lives breathing fresh energy into the same-same landscape; palette clearing neutrals announce upcoming shifts while we pause and rest in their naturalism; blacks continue to provide another palette cleansing aspect but this time enter the scene in unique ways with {Prada} material texturing and overlaying or surprisingly as a new food focus.

It is lovely how consumers have a voice these days. As much as the color trend industry defines the colors we see each season, it has become a complex dialogue that requires ever more intuition and empathy versus dictation to remain viable.

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Do you see a backlash to the “design everywhere” culture?

Rather than a backlash, I see an evolution in the definition of design. Creative design is empathic and goes where it is needed. Within our “me” evolution we are excited about the steps forward in manufacturing, about the effects on product creativity and the impacts on our personal experiences. As we move into the “we” community models of youth the design mind will focus on conceptual experiences, process exchanges and community evolution design. We are seeing the tip of this with community branding.

What innovative small companies are interesting you at the moment and why?

My political mind is intrigued with Nike Considered. It is not a small company but, it is being given permission to act as one. I am intrigued with the materialistic changes going on and how youth embrace materialism AND sustainability concurrently. This is shifting either/or thinking to embrace new products that satisfy ingrained hunter/gatherer instincts (survival based) and betterment thinking (the innovative mind). Nike Considered feels like a bridge to future products that will care for materials use, educate consumers in interesting ways and provide a product that is different than all others.

A true smaller company that intrigues me is Core One. Just today I connected with Kimmy McCann who has worked to bring up the downtown LA music, art and culture scene for years. Her husband Ted produces accessory products for musicians and their recent release is beautiful. The link between building culture and positively branding the politics of a community that somehow links to a product interests me.

Reading and listening list?

I just finished The Whole New Mind which is about moving from an entrenched left-brain culture to the empathic right brain and the future whole brain norms which I see as the youth dominion. After attending and speaking again this year at the inspiring Style Vision Roundtable. I think I will be reading their latest choice, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits.

Listening? I love the hybrid Indie-Folk or Emotional Rock sounds. Right now I am listening to Aqualung, Bright Eyes, Nada Surf, and The Decemberists. The sound track from the great movie Garden State captures this music well.

Lastly I am impressed by Bjork’s announcement/call she put out to fellow artists giving them the right to remix and reuse her music. KCRW and KEXP have been playing some of the music. It is inspirational really and a great way to showcase community talent. That is future driven behavior.

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