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A grocery store with food advisors

September 20, 2005

Beleaguered British grocer store giant, Sainsbury’s has just launched a new marketing campaign using the tagline “Try Something New Today”. The campaign features Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, who Sainsbury’s have been using since 1999. Oliver forms the anchor of the campaign by providing interesting and healthy recipe suggestions.

The new campaign encourages consumers to be more adventurous with their food, suggesting that Sainsbury’s can help them get there.

“We all do it. We stick to the same food week in week out, filling our trollies with the same things each time. It’s called “sleep shopping”. And after all, if you like something, why change? Well, even in our busy lives there are simple ways to try something new and wake up your taste buds, we just need a little inspiration. You don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself, use our imagination and be a little adventurous. It’s not difficult. It could be as simple as adding a handful of herbs to an old mealtime favourite.”

The new TV advertising can be seen here (September).

A critical component of the new campaign is an internal training effort designed to turn the Sainsbury’s 100,000 + staff into consultants for the consumer’s food choices. Sainsbury’s also has a team of food advisors for stores who sample food and provide dietary and nutritional advice.

This move by Sainsbury’s is an interesting one as it shows there’s another way to differentiate. Most US grocery stores are differentiating through products, use of technology and store appearance, we’ve yet to see food advisors.

By improving customer service, Sainsbury’s are radically re-thinking their business by trying to turn the grocery-shopping trip from chore to a positive learning experience.

It’s a sound business idea that comes out of a smart insightful truth, the thought that most people “sleep shop” their grocery store. This provides a nice platform for the communication, giving it something interesting to work with. It allows the advertising to concentrate on the more interesting emotional rationale for their existence of customer-service, rather than the service itself.

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