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Found insights at poptech

October 21, 2005

One of the highlights of PopTech was of Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine. Davy has been collecting found notes for years and produces a magazine about them. He has expanded in the concept into something of a brand that includes; appearances on “This American Life” and a US speaking tour that also gives him the chance to talk to the people who send in the notes.

Found is interesting because it peeks behind the curtain and reveals a lot of what is really going on inside people’s heads. In what was supposedly a hi-tech conference, Davy’s presentation was just the opposite; he simply stood on the stage and read the notes. They provided a revealing insight into human nature and included; a woman’s notes comparing her husband to another man, a monthly budget that with entries for crack, laundry and lawyer’s fees and an algebra test with all the questions answered in a narrative format.

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