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Nike does a pop-up store

February 9, 2005

One of the latest incarnations of the pop-up store is Nike Runner’s Lounge.

The lounge is the brainchild of one of Nike’s Canadian marketing partners and is designed to help runners prepare for the Vancover Half Marathon

It provides runners with a space where they can test drive Nike product, get information on local running routes, receive post-run massages and listen to talks from Nike guest speakers.

It’s a perfect example of a great pop-up store. It allows the core audience of runners to interact with the brand, through a relevant experience. Since runners are always on the look out for information on routes, shoes and finding new training partners, this idea fits perfectly with a target need.

It also fuses a number of elements together in an interesting way; Nike product, Nike’s sponsorship of the half-marathon and extends the brand promise from a product to a service relationship

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