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Japanese retailer uniqlo gets a cool injection

May 7, 2005

Uniqlo has been one of the most innovative companies in Japanese retail; they pioneered of the low-cost utility clothing model. However, in recent years the brand has suffered a slowdown in sales.

As an attempt to improve its image among Japan’s trend obsessed youth, the brand recently embarked on some stealth marketing.

Firstly, it took over the whole issue of Relax, one of the country’s leading style magazines. Everything in the magazine became Uniqlo; it’s basically a magalog.

Secondly, it launched a limited line of clothing , sold it only in Seleqlo, a pop-up store located in one of Tokyo’s trendy galleries, Rocket.

The store is only open for one month.

So far, these efforts seem to have been somewhat successful, the clothing line was well received and the brand has achieved some buzz.

Several years back, Uniqlo was the darling of the Japanese business press, in recent years it fell on hard times, but is now fighting to recover lost ground. With initiatives like this and store expansion in its domestic market and globally.

Uniqlo’s first US store will open in New Jersey in the Fall.

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