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Ex-starwood employee launches a competitor to new starwood concept

September 30, 2005

Since we wrote the story on Aloft from Starwood, another loft hotel project going after the same business traveler target came to our attention. This time it’s from a company called Nylo. It’s strange to find such a similar concept being launched at exactly the same time as Aloft. Digging a little deeper, we quickly discovered that the man behind NYLO was an ex-Starwood employee, Michael Mueller. Mueller’s bio on the NYLO website revealed that he left Starwood in March 2004 to pursue this new opportunity.

“Michael left Starwood at the height of his career in March 2004, convinced of the opportunity for a new category of hotels. The category would combine the most recent design, construction and operating innovations in the hotel and other industries to create a new-build prototype hotel brand suitable for development across the country in markets of all sizes. The hotels would cost the same to construct as the most successful recent mid-priced brands, such as Hilton Garden Inn and Courtyard by Marriott. However, the new hotels also would offer the unique design, amenities and service of leading upscale brands and the best of the independent boutique hotels in the gateway cities.”

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