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Prada predictably uses film to go mass

March 4, 2005

The acclaimed Italian fashion-house Prada is following the strategic route of Chanel and many other fashion brands by using a fragrance to drive broader market awareness.

While Prada is known for their innovative fashion and commitment to cutting-edge architecture and art, it’s idea for the fragrance launch seems somewhat pedestrian.

Prada fragrance will launch with a short-film directed by none other than Ridley Scott, the famed director of the blockbuster Gladiator and cult classic, Blade Runner.

While Prada may shun the idea that they’re a brand, believing its mission is to do something well, this is a big-step on the branding stage and the output is somewhat expected.

It places them in a long line of fashion brands that have tried to blur the line between art and commercialism through the use of film. Lack of vision and originality is a big part of the problem, Prada just appears to be adding to the “film clutter” that exists today, it’s not just fashion brands jumping into film, there are a whole host of other non-fashion brands like, Motorola or Skyy vodka, who are doing exactly the same thing.

Prada could have done better by sticking to its instincts and intuition, rather than follow, what for this innovative brand, is very predictable route.

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