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Saturn’s future depends on youth

January 4, 2005

The North American Auto Show,starting January 7th in Detroit, is an important proving ground for automakers as they battle to convince dealers, the media and the public that they have a positive model line up for the next 24 months.

One brand hoping Detroit will give them a big boost, is GM’s Saturn, who will unveil a radical new model called, Sky.

Sky is a roadster designed to attract the youth audience back to the brand and is the product of extensive research with consumers and design collaboration across the GM system involving Detroit, advance studios in California and another in the U.K., which created the Vauxhall Lightning concept from which the Sky is derived.

The Sky launch plots a new design direction for a brand often criticized for its lackluster and workman-like design. Consumers have often liked the concept of the company, far more than the cars themselves. This design is clearly out to change that perception; it looks more aggressive, and the front grille proudly bears the Saturn badge.

Sky’s purpose is to be the image driver for Saturn, a brand, that’s been rumored to be moving to occupy a place between Buick and Chevrolet in GM’s brand portfolio.

This will be challenging year for brand Saturn. It needs to clearly re-frame itself as a brand with a unique positioning, reassure their nervous existing customer base that the brand is not undergoing a radical transformation, more of an evolution, while generating excitement and interest from the media and potential new customers.

Sky sets the direction from the brand that needs to be maintained and according to
Saturn fans on the web, so far, this initiative appears to be positively recieved.

Interestingly, GM appears to recognize that communication is key and they have even created a branded blog for news and information. Featured on the site, is an interview with Bob Lutz who clearly defines Saturn’s strategy moving forward; a new design language combined with Saturn’s unique customer-centric approach

New shots of the Saturn Sky with comments- from Autoblog

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