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Uniqlo gets buzzy

September 8, 2005

Tip from PSFK’s IF

Uniqlo, the Japanese retailer of basic, affordable clothing has been building buzz for its mid-month opening by partnering with Vice retail stores. The Japanese have taken over the store for the month of September. Uniqlo will open their first US store in New Jersey on September 15th.

It’s a good way to generate W.O.R.M. (word of relevant mouth) with the New York cognoscenti.

Interestingly, only a few months back Uniqlo tried a similar tactic, only in Japan. It took over a gallery, turned it into a store and got designers to create limited edition product. This was designed to inject more cool into the brand.

Photographs of the Vice store and other Uniqlo’s stores can be seen here.

Influx’s Marketing Conference, M-Squared takes place on September 27th- in San Francisco- speakers-Howard Rheingold, Chris Anderson (The Long Tail), Current TV, Method and Old Navy

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