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Designer hard-drives

November 25, 2005

Young French designer, Ora-Ito who is being hailed as the country’s new Mr. Starck, has just designed a playful new stackable hard drive
for Lacie The hard drives are shaped like Lego bricks and come in various different colors. Lacie had worked with Porsche design in the past and Maxtor had made some effort to bring a more interesting form to its designs, but Lacie’s latest move is a step ahead of the pack. The drives take on a new playful shape that makes them fit perfectly into an Mac environment, but look somewhat out of place in beige PC land.

Lacie’s Brick is another example to add to the seemingly endless list of mundane products being made interesting by a designer makeover. Product designers truly are the new kings of brand land.

Ora Ito has just been profiled by Business Week and is rapidly becoming one of the product designers of the moment. His latest project was the design of a new Paris flagship showroom for Toyota. His client list includes; Heineken, Adidas and Swatch. Not bad for a guy who got his start by having his fake designs for famous brands showcased into two fashionable French magazines.

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