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Nokia vs. motorola

April 28, 2005

While Motorola has captured most of the recent “buzz” with its beautifully designed Razr phones, Nokia struck back in the race yesterday with phones that focused more on function than design.

Nokia’s new Nseries makes the multi-media phone a reality. Designed for the top-end of the market, the phones are all about bringing high quality mobile media to the device. The N-91 arrives before Motorola’s iTunes phone, sports a 4gb hard-drive, the ability to play music, download and synchronize tunes via a PC. The other phones in the Nseries are more focused around video and photography features.

While both Motorola’s Razr and Nokia’s latest Nseries are priced out of the reach of most wireless users, they serve an important function as brand communicators. These phones generate buzz and a halo effect and that works in favor of the overall brand image, helping to influence the mass purchase decision at the point of sale.

Simply put; elite product design is one of the best communication tools the handset manufacturers have.

The battle should heat up in the Fall when the new Nokia’s are launched worldwide and Motorola brings out its Slvr and Pebl models.

Finally, as an illustration of just how far the handset category has matured and fragmented into single purpose machines, Nokia has also introduced a fitness phone .

It’s a phone designed for fitness fanatics to take with them while working out. It features a durable rugged casing, the ability to link directly with Polar fitness products and a built-in “Fitness Coach” designed to inspire and motivate users while exercising.

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