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Official- the mainstream don’t want to be as cool as early adopters

November 3, 2005

A recent research report suggests that the “cool factor” for Apple’s iPod is now waning and the brand’s success has less to do with enhancing social status and more to do with interface and brand familiarity. This headline is designed to suggest Apple’s iPod is no longer cool and you need to know why.

After a millisecond you release that this is a statement of the obvious; with 25 million iPods in circulation, those folk called early adopters who brought the brand to be first, have now brought their iPods and what is left is a mass market who are less interested in appearing cool.

No one needs to pay good money to know this.

What might we want to know instead?

Who are the earliest adopters of iPod and where are they now?

How has their loyalty to the brand changed?

How many editions of iPod have they purchased?

Do they still perceive iPod to be an exciting and intriguing brand?

What has iPod’s mainstream success done to Apple’s brand perception?

Research is needed more now than ever before, but please, only the research that provides illuminating insight.

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