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Wireless providers should be more like amazon

June 8, 2005

This is a great post by Craig Barrack about the problem of wireless content. He suggests the wireless providers have major problems selling anything outside of their top 10 lists of content (ringtones and games).

Craig suggests that wireless providers should adopt better and deeper segmentation of customer preferences so they can tailor content for each user. Personalization has been key to phone design, with faceplates and accessories; it makes sense that the same should be true for content.

With sophisticated CRM systems available, there is no reason why content can’t be tailored. It would make everyone happy; consumers would discover more relevant content and wireless providers would sell more of it.

There is no reason why providers couldn’t send users recommendation emails like Amazon sends its customers.

With the crazy land grab for content, perhaps the providers should also spend some time thinking about how they are going to sell it.

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