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What to do in a cross-media world

April 5, 2005

Consumers go cross media for entertainment and information. Therefore, measuring the value of cross media is crucial. That said, the ability to measure the value of each medium has a long way to go. Digital media is easier to measure at the moment; traditional media is harder. This is true because the tools to measure traditional media’s value are antiquated – such as Nielsen with people entering diary information, and need to be modernized.

Now, and particularly in the future, all media will be consumed “at will.” Consumers will be able to get at any type of information – be it movies, emails, news, etc. on whatever devise they have with them – the internet, the TV, or their PDA. So, with “at will” media being the way of the future, it becomes ever so critical for advertisers, clients, and publishers to create an experience that consumers want or like. Custom programs need to be created that map directly to customer experience.

How does one do that? Through collaboration. The idea is that collaboration between publishers, clients and advertising agencies is critical. Publishers bring their clout with an audience and knowledge of that audience to clients and advertisers who have product information and target attribute information that – if communicated in the right manner, can positively impact the audience and bring extended sales for the brand.

The client, the publisher and the adverting agency need to be structured in a way to bring this about. For advertising agencies, all communication tools need to be at the client’s disposal. Clients want to have easy access to an arsenal of tools. At a conference I recently attended, Julie Roehm of DaimlerChrysler stated, “it is inconceivable not to have every communication tool at our disposal.”

Additionally, advertisers need to approach the consumer across a variety of communications channels, given the consumer’s cross media consumption, but how does one measure the value of all of that media? Each medium cannot be measured in a vacuum, as it is the collective effort of all communication that yields a particular result. We know that each medium contributes to the total success of a campaign; and therefore understanding how by lifting one medium and reducing another could bring about a different result, is what we all need to know.

The idea for all of us is to find a way to – at least directionally, determine a campaign’s success based on the collective media chosen.

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