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An online art explosion

June 30, 2006

Charles Saatchi made his name in advertising, but is also famous for his extensive modern art collection. Saatchi is one of the most powerful forces in the art world, one who can single handedly make or break an artist.

A few weeks ago, his gallery decided to allow artists to submit their work in digital form to an online gallery.

The results have been unprecedented. In just 3 weeks, 5,000 artists from 60 countries have submitted their work, with some of the work already changing hands for $100,000+.

The idea is to give artists the chance to get their work seen. The site averages 1.7 million hits a day and is one of the first Internet destinations to put serious pressure on the art dealer’s business.

It’s interesting that this technology has been around for years, but it takes a powerful brand that provides the promise of fame, to explode the idea.

It would probably be wise for MOMA, Walker, Getty, and SFMOMA to think about developing their own versions of this.

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