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Brands should follow media’s lead with consumer collaboration

December 8, 2006

Robin Hamman posts on a talk given the night before last at the BBC? by Charles Leadbetter who is an expert in innovation and creative collaboration.

Interestingly, in something of an abstract way, it brings together ideas that have been bubbling around Influx Insights during the last couple of days.

One of the most interesting aspects of the talk is the idea raised here.

According to Leadbetter….

“News organisations need to learn to share it’s content too, and to make transparent the procedures and processes that the news goes through before it reaches news consumers.

Where does value for the audience come from? Not from number of reports or hours of airtime, but in the conversations that take place around them – the meaningful interactions that reporting the news kick-starts are valuable and should be tracked, pulled back in, used to inform and connect.”

Obvious implications here for anyone in the news game on a couple of fronts;

1. You’ve got more content that you think- get it out there (Monday’s post on the implications of SNL screening its rehersals)

2. These un-finished territories are where you can find meaningful collaboration from outside parties. Leading to greater trust and loyalty.

So, what if you apply this thinking to business as a whole.

1.What do you open up for all to see?

2.How do you invite people to play? (Netflix post yesterday )

Maybe media is the canary in the coalmine, the one that’s at the forefront of audience collaboration and co-creation, out there leading the charge.

However, enlightened brands realize that they are in the media business and are already playing by the same rules.

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